What to Look for When Purchasing Dubstep Software

It can be difficult to decide which software to buy since there are so many different options of dubstep software available today. A smart consumer will try to look at different factors before choosing which software is best. There are a few criteria that many people do not think of that any music production software should meet in order for you to even consider them. That is why I want to share with you the 4 key factors to consider before purchasing any kind of dubstep software.

Sound Quality

This can be the single most important deal breaker in whether or not to purchase software. Although it is obvious that anyone trying to produce music would want good sound quality, many programs do not offer good quality sound. The key is to look at which kind of audio files are used. Some software use mp3 audio files and even though mp3 files may sound like quality sound, for music production they are simply not to the standard that you want. Never buy music production software that uses mp3 audio files. It is a must that whatever software you decide on uses 44.1 Stereo 16bit PCM.wav audio files. These are unquestionably the best kinds of files to use in music production.

Computer Operating System Compatibility

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you would not believe the amount of people who do not check if the software is compatible with their computer. Some software are only compatible with certain operating systems, the most recognized one being Apple’s Logic Studio which will only run on Mac operating systems. Most should work on either PC or Mac, but make sure that the software is compatible before you buy it.


If you are new to music production then price could possibly be one of your big factors. I know many people who are just starting to get into music production want something affordable. Fortunately for them, it is possible to find very capable and professional quality programs for only a fraction of the highest grade software costs. The most expensive programs are geared towards the more professional expert producers and are not recommended for beginners anyway.


One of the biggest factors to consider when purchasing dubstep software is the experience required to use that software. Some of the best programs out there are very complex and not recommended for beginners. That is why if you are just starting out it is essential to figure out which software is geared towards you. There are professional quality programs available that are geared towards those trying to learn, they generally offer many tutorial videos to help get you started too.

I cannot stress how important it is to use these four key factors when shopping for your dubstep software. If a program does not meet your criteria for any of these four factors then you should keep shopping until you find something that does. Remember that the dubstep software you choose will be the foundation to your entire music production process, so you must find something that fits your needs.

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