What to Look for When Purchasing Dubstep Software

It can be difficult to decide which software to buy since there are so many different options of dubstep software available today. A smart consumer will try to look at different factors before choosing which software is best. There are a few criteria that many people do not think of that any music production software should meet in order for you to even consider them. That is why I want to share with you the 4 key factors to consider before purchasing any kind of dubstep software.

Sound Quality

This can be the single most important deal breaker in whether or not to purchase software. Although it is obvious that anyone trying to produce music would want good sound quality, many programs do not offer good quality sound. The key is to look at which kind of audio files are used. Some software use mp3 audio files and even though mp3 files may sound like quality sound, for music production they are simply not to the standard that you want. Never buy music production software that uses mp3 audio files. It is a must that whatever software you decide on uses 44.1 Stereo 16bit PCM.wav audio files. These are unquestionably the best kinds of files to use in music production.

Computer Operating System Compatibility

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you would not believe the amount of people who do not check if the software is compatible with their computer. Some software are only compatible with certain operating systems, the most recognized one being Apple’s Logic Studio which will only run on Mac operating systems. Most should work on either PC or Mac, but make sure that the software is compatible before you buy it.


If you are new to music production then price could possibly be one of your big factors. I know many people who are just starting to get into music production want something affordable. Fortunately for them, it is possible to find very capable and professional quality programs for only a fraction of the highest grade software costs. The most expensive programs are geared towards the more professional expert producers and are not recommended for beginners anyway.


One of the biggest factors to consider when purchasing dubstep software is the experience required to use that software. Some of the best programs out there are very complex and not recommended for beginners. That is why if you are just starting out it is essential to figure out which software is geared towards you. There are professional quality programs available that are geared towards those trying to learn, they generally offer many tutorial videos to help get you started too.

I cannot stress how important it is to use these four key factors when shopping for your dubstep software. If a program does not meet your criteria for any of these four factors then you should keep shopping until you find something that does. Remember that the dubstep software you choose will be the foundation to your entire music production process, so you must find something that fits your needs.

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Social Media Strategy Creation: Essential Questions to Ask

Social media strategy is essential to marketing. However, without a lot of experience of creating strategies for marketing on social sites or without the funds to employ a full time marketer, many businesses can come unstuck. In this article I’m going to share with you some of the questions that I use in my role as a professional social media strategist. You can use these questions to develop a social media strategy for your business in no time. Depending on the size of your business – some of these questions may not be applicable.

What are your business objectives? Define a specific niche, listen, learn their needs, and position your products and services to solve their problems as they see them. Then develop your videos, blog posts, and articles accordingly. See your objective not so much as “selling” to a “target market,” as helping your niche see how to meet their needs using your products and services. The material will need to appeal to the niche, (comma added) and offer them engaging and informative content.

How will you measure success? You may measure on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. A spreadsheet is an ideal (beginning) recording platform. Track the number of interactions, quality of interaction, time spent, number of responses and posts, etc. Also record the number of fans and followers that the campaigns are connecting. Take this from the number of blog visitors, Facebook fans and Twitter followers.

Who will develop content for your blog and other social media channels? Set up an approval process for the content before you make it publicly available. Follow the blog posts of your competitors and others serving your niche. Don’t plagiarize, but find ideas relevant to your business, and recycle them to suite your own niche. Blogs in the online marketing and social media arenas are often creme de la creme and well worth following.

Who will distribute the content across the web, (comma added) and share it with networks? Look for a staff member who might be particularly good at understanding where your niche is active on the Internet. One of the key tasks of marketing is not only to understand the needs of your niche but also where you might find them both online and offline. Avoid wasting your content by posting it to irrelevant sites.

How often will you post? This will depend on the resource or man hours available. Create an editorial or marketing calendar as a guideline for how many blog posts to make per month. Include other social media, posting to make the most of the time available.

A social media strategy is key to the success of social media marketing. If you answer these questions, you will gain more clarity and structure for the successful social media marketing of your business.

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The Rush to Smart Phone and Tablet Apps

The rush to generate smart phone and tablet apps may have had a warning shot fired across companies’ bows that people are choosing to ignore, or may simply be unaware of.

Using Medical apps as an example, there are an estimated 40,000+ medical apps in release now. Only ONE that I am aware has received U.S. Government Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Approval. The FDA has been working on smart phone apps standards for medical devices since July, 2011. It has reason to be concerned. Estimates are that at least 500 million Smartphone users worldwide will be using a health care application by 2015. The FDA is focused on oversight of only those mobile medical apps that present the greatest risk to patients when they don’t work as intended.

FDA`s initial focus is on a relatively small subset of medical devices. BUT, if people are using medical apps to manage or monitor aspects of their lifestyle, for example, a question arises: When does something simple and innocuous impact or threaten your life? When it`s wrong or you misuse it. And there are significant security issues, as well as compliance with the US HIPAA and other international requirements for personal and health information transmission and security.

Bottom line: there may be several-to-many levels of potential liability in smart phone apps for both users and developers. E.g., apps don’t operate properly, have bad data, or are miss-constructed and leak personally identifiable or personal health information to a social media site in violation of a number of federal laws. Or for commercial apps, consider leaking information that violates the US Sarbanes Oxley Act or one the many SEC regulations, or the Trade Secret Law and Economic Espionage Act of 1996. Push button, post or distribute data by accident. That can happen, and has happened in the past.

Many standards from a variety of sources affect mobile apps in one way or another. It is in the best interests of the developer, the individual and corporate user, and industries as a whole, to REALLY get a grip on these varying requirements, and ensure compliance. REALLY understanding underlying statutory and regulatory requirements decrease the likelihood of something bad-to-tragic happening.

Established firms probably get it. New Co Start ups need to educate themselves to avoid pitfalls that could kill them. Savvy Investors will ask tough questions and wrong answers will stop you in your tracks.

Bottom line recommendation?

BUYERS: check out what you’re getting into, test a broad range of permutations of use, verify the security or integrity of the app, and still proceed carefully and with oversight.

PRODUCT/APP Builders: be sure you are in-bounds with statutory, regulatory, and policy items that exist and change from time to time and may affect your efforts. If you are selling to the Feds, state and local government, you can be sure there are such items.

Remember: oversight is not luxury you can afford in this new electronic world of ours.

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Ragdoll Fighting Games

If you are a person fond of fighting and winning over your enemies you should be playing the set of amazing ragdoll fighting games. These highly popular games sure keep you engrossed and hooked till you win.

There are a host of ragdoll games that you can choose from and the widely sought after ones have been listed below:

1.Gunblood: if you are really fond of cowboy duels this game is sure the one for you. You can fight for your pride and win the game.
2.Weapon: Another fighting ragdoll fighting game that you may really love playing is the Weapon. If you are fond of guns and shooting you can try your hand with this game and target your aims. This game has really impressive sound effects and you have the option to choose from many weapons and add-ons.
3.Land Of The Dead: Zombies rule the world in Land of The Dead and with the aid of this game you can kill them. Killing zombies and wiping them off the world can be a really exciting and mind-blowing adventure.
4. Dawn Of The Celebs 2: With ragdoll zombies coming out to get you, you must punch and kill them in this game. The more you kill the more you win.
5. Unreal Tournament 2D: This is a 2D game where you have the ability to have loads of fun.
6. Wrapped Tour Massacre: There are four fighters with different abilities and you need to choose any of them with a specific game plan to win.
7. Ninjotic Mayhem: Get the chance to flaunt your ninja skills and kill zombies that pose a threat to the world. This game is really an engrossing one and you have the ability to use many weapons to kill the ragdoll zombies that are in the world.
8. Counter Force: This Flash game is one that uses the ploy of shooting and you need to kill the zombies that come in your way. This game deploys the use of ragdoll physics that you need to keep in mind in order to win.
9. Raze: This game is a very amazing game that gives you the opportunity to play with loads of weapons and also hunt down all your opponents to win the game.
10. Plazma Burst: Use multiple weapons to get rid of enemy ragdolls that stand in your way.

The above are just some of the ragdoll fighting games that you can choose from the never-ending list of ragdoll games. So the next time you need some action in life do not forget to play the above enthralling and fun games!

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